Our organisation

Our organisation

The AOC Corbières producers’ organisation

In compliance with article L 642-22 of the French Rural and Maritime Fishing Code, the producers’ organisation is recognised as an advocacy and management body by the National Institute for Appellations of Origin (INAO), and contributes to the general interest mission of preserving and promoting wine areas, local traditions and expertise and the wines grown in these areas.

The organisation’s primary missions are :
  • To take part in activities involving the support and protection of the name, product and area and promotion of the product;
  • To produce draft specifications and modifications and contribute to their implementation by businesses;
  • To take part in the drafting and implementation of the control plan, namely by conducting internal checks within companies. External checks are conducted by the certification organisation Bureau Veritas;
  • To implement the relevant decisions made by the national board of INAO
  • To take part in press and public relations and promotion of the Corbières appellation in conjunction with the CIVL;
  • To regularly update the list of authorised companies;
  • To pass on statistical data for the area, in conjunction with the CIVL.


Our organisation
Privatize the Château de Boutenac for your own events!

Ideally posted at the borders of Corbières, 7km from the town of Lézignan-Corbières, 30 km from Narbonne, and 35 km from Carcassonne, the majestic Château de Boutenac seats on the top of the village and offers a magnificent site to create your most unique events. The location – the heart of the AOC Corbières – shall allow you to enjoy not only the historical monuments, but also the park: a paradise for the organization of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, seminaries, and all sorts of celebrations!


With a hosting potential of 200 persons, the perfectly equipped castle will allow you to enjoy a highly historical and charming place.

For more information, or should you with to visit the place or make a reservation, please contact the Syndicat AOC Corbières, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m.-12:30; 1:30-6 p.m.: or by email: syndicat@aoc-corbieres.com


Commitment to the ISO 26000 standard

In 2012, the AOC Corbières producers’ organisation committed the appellation to an ambitious and innovative scheme involving the ISO 26000 standard.



This collective initiative promotes sustainable development and encourages the estates and wineries who take part to reconsider their practices in order to make improvements in three main areas: economic, social and environmental. 


Approximately fifty companies have joined the scheme to date and the aim is for more than 50% of vineyard area to be certified ISO 26000 over the next three years.




The CIVL: The Languedoc Wine Marketing Board

A private interest body with public duties which recognises membership of organisations representing both producers and merchants, the Languedoc Wine Marketing Board (CIVL) was formed in 1994 from the merger of three marketing boards.


Recognised by the authorities and under state supervision, it now centralises all strands of the wine industry in the Languedoc region through a number of missions such as:


  • Providing intelligence on supply and demand trends by centralising statistics and information of an economic and technical nature;
  • Contributing to market management by improved adaptation of Languedoc appellation wines to demand from a quality and quantity perspective;
  • Promoting the identity, reputation and protection of the wines by rolling out communications activities, public relations and legal action both in France and abroad;
  • Reinforcing food safety, namely through product tracking schemes and monitoring at marketing stage in the interests of users and consumers;
  • Setting out and promoting contract agreements between its members;
  • Ensuring that agreements between the various industry strands are correctly implemented by its members.