32nd Interprofessional Corbières’ Great Wines Competition


32nd Interprofessional Corbières’ Great Wines Competition

For its 32nd edition, the Interprofessional Competition of Corbières’ Great Wines gathered, as usual, all producers and wine trading companies of the appellation at Château de Boutenac, seat of the Corbières Appellation.
A whole range of experts (sommeliers, wine merchants, journalists, retailers, technicians, producers) took part in the two tastings:
-Dec. 12, 2016: tasting of oaked red wines
-Feb. 20, 2017: tasting of non-oaked reds, whites and rosés.

There were 161 tasters for 406 samples, of which 99 received medals (incl. 39 gold ones).

Le Palmarès

Clos Combe Long 2015
Domaine Saint-Michel Les Clauses - 15.00€
Tradition 2016
Domaine Rouïre Segur
Tradition 2015
Château Etang des Colombes - 6.00€
Classique 2016
Château Saint-Estève - 7.50€
Château Lionel Faivre 2015
Château de Caraguilhes
Abbé Auger de Lagrasse 2015
Les Terroirs du Vertige - 5.10€
Clos Redon 2015
Château de Mattes Sabran - 6.20€